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We are a couple of movie buffs who buy,sell and trade used dvds and blurays mostly to help build our own collections. We have many ways that we acquire our movies. Whether we are buying collections on ebay or kijiji or trading with our many customers or traveling around to various shops and markets in eastern Canada. We have the ability to offer you products at competitive prices and are able to find you those missing gems for your collections via our wishlist. We have a hassle free return policy and are available to answer and questions you may have. So go ahead and give us a try.

before there was mastercard or visa, people paid for things with cash or through bartering. it’s a wonderful way to trade your unwanted movies for ones you may want or need from us. it can save cash flow for bills and other necessities. we give store credit for your used goods.

example: you have 5 dvds and 3 boxsets you no longer want and you see a couple of movies you would like to have. bring them in or mail the unwanted movies and we will give you store credit to purchase the ones you wanted and you can save your hard earned cash for other purchases.

301 Amirault st, Dieppe, NB

Phone: 1-(506) 961-0779







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