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Weight Gain? Blame it on Obesogens

by / Monday, 06 June 2016 / Published in Latest posts, Weightloss


 by author Brad King, MS, MFS



Weight Gain? Blame it on Obesogens

You already know that obesity is a growing problem (no pun in-tended), but what you may not realize is that a group of chemical compounds called obesogens, may be at least partly responsible for our seemingly inability to win the war on fat.

Obesogens (a pairing of the words “obesity” and “estrogen”) are foreign chemical compounds that disrupt normal metabolism and in the process promote fat accumulation. In other words, they can cause us to gain fat and make it next to impossible to lose it!

The problem is obesogens are found all around us and news of their infiltration has been heard on major radio and television shows including quite recently, Dr. Oz. These compounds are found in plastic water bottles, the lining inside canned foods, plastic storage containers, pesticides, and preservatives (parabens) in cosmetics. Thankfully nature is able to supply an array of powerful protectors when it comes to these obesogens. Compounds known as indoles, which occur in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and kale, help protect against these hormone-disrupting obesogens.

In a perfect world we would be able to consume enough of these indoles to offset excess obesogens, however it would take an incredibly high consumption of cruciferous vegetables to obtain enough indoles to do the trick. The good news is that two natural formulas, Ultimate Male Energy and Ultimate Her Energy are available each containing a sci-entifically validated level of these indoles to help block and expel the numerous daily obesogens.

by author Brad J. King, MS, MFS





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